Sunday, August 5, 2007

Grandma's Flower Garden

I love quilts. My Memaw had a hall closet that was chock full of folded quilts she had pieced by hand and quilted on a big frame that hung from the living room ceiling. Grandma's Flower Garden is a classic quilt pattern, usually done on a white background, with octagonal pieces, and the "flowers" set in with pastel fabric scraps. The one I have is exquisite.

I also have my own "Grandma's Flower Garden", a virtual one. When my first grandchild was born, (her name is Abby), I took one look at her, and dubbed her "Sweet Pea". She is six now, but still my Sweet Pea. She has loved the nickname since I taught it to her when she was 15 months old. I would ask the question, "Who are you?" And she would say, "Nana's little Seet Pea".

Then her sister came along, born on Halloween. Though she was given the beautiful name of Carly, she became Nana's little Pumpkin. (I know it is not a flower, but mightn't one find a pumpkin vine in Grandma's flower garden?) She learned her nickname quickly too, and loves anything with pumpkins on it.

Next came Alexandra, who with her dimples and sparking eyes became Nana's Buttercup Girl. She, being the most deliberate little person, has to have the names cataloged each time I buckle her into her carseat to go home. (We have this routine--she never wants to leave our house, so I always walk her out to the car, and buckle her in). We go over who is who--"Who is my Buttercup Girl? (I YAM!) Who is my Sweet Pea? Who is my Pumpkin?" each time she leaves our house. This has gone on for three plus years!

The last flower to bloom in my garden is Baby Reese, who acquired her nickname when her Daddy brought her out of the delivery room, wrapped in a pink blanket, and looking just like a little Rosebud. All pink and pastel with her fair skin and blue eyes, she is just beginning to learn the flower names, with a big assist from her sisters!

Every garden needs what designers like to call the "evergreen backbone." Cade, the one grandboy, provides the contrast. He will give us respite from Polly Pockets and My Little Pony. Already there are trains and cars coming into Nana's toybox. His nickname is really yet to be determined, but as his unique personality emerges, I am sure it will manifest itself.

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AH said...

Oh yes. Alex is always quick to remind me that she is Nana's buttercup and mommy's princess girl. Thought you might get a kick out of how I woke up this morning by the little mister: "Nannna! Nana! Nanna!" he yelled in his deep belly talk the minute his eyes opened in his crib. This went over and over again in his room until I came into get him. Maybe he is ready for a Nana and G-pa weekend afterall! :)