Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Working Nana

When I was entering my child-bearing years in the late 1960's and 70's the big issue for women was whether to be a "working mom", and the ramifications thereof. There continues to be controversy 0ver which way is better, and in fact, the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the other direction, with a growing number of young mothers staying home full-time with their children.

I made the decision to work part-time when my kids were growing up, and it worked out great for our family. I went to work on a full-time basis when my youngest child was in junior high. But now I have another dilemma......I am a "working Nana". Still in the full time work force, having made my way through the management maze in a healthcare setting, I have a profession and job I love that pays well.....AND I suddenly find myself with five grandchildren with whom I want to spend my time.

My son' s three girls live three hours away. And because I work, I am not available for those after school soccer games, kindergarten Christmas programs, and Ballet rehearsals. The other grandma, who lives only a mile away and is a full-time homemaker is always there when my grandbabies say, "Grandma, Watch me!" But I am not.

How much time grandmothering takes was something that took me by surprise. Little Alex, my daughter's three year old who lives nearby, has learned that, "Nana has to go to work." whenever I can't go on a picnic with them on a sunny day in the middle of the week. This makes me sad. However, I am not ready for retirement. I am sixty, and as all we Boomers like to say: "Sixty is the new forty!" Except where Grandchildren are concerned!!

My limited leisure time has to be divided between all the grandparent things I would love to do and all the other tasks, some enjoyable, and some not, that are left for the weekends by those of us who fall into bed exhausted each night after a ten hour day at work. I am struggling to fit it all in and still have that special relationship with each of my five grandbabies. This blog will keep track of that journey.

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AH said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I am excited to read Nana stories and hear about all those blessed adventures of being a grandparent!