Sunday, August 12, 2007

Down-sizing--Does it Hurt?

We have the opportunity to try down-sizing in a possibly painless way. Our daughter and SIL (son-in-law) who have two small children, are bursting out of their condo-without-a-yard, and need more space. We are wanting to try something simpler and near the water, but don't want to go through the hassle and permanence of selling our home right now. We want to try living in a smaller space. What would it be like to have fewer things to take care of, we wonder.....We had been thinking about leasing our house to our daughter, and renting something different for awhile, to see if we can live more compactly.

The kids jumped on the idea, and we set out to see what was available to rent that we could see ourselves actually living in. I was afraid it would be rather dismal. We didn't know what to do first--have the kids sell their place and then look for something for us? Find something for us before they put theirs on the market?

The decision was made for us last Sunday when I took my husband with me on an errand for work. We were driving along in the small waterfront town where I work, and he spied a "House For Rent" sign. I had passed it by the time he got the words out, so I backed up and we drove down a small lane that headed down toward the water. There was the perfect place for our reinventing of ourselves!

A little craftsman cottage with white trim, about 1700 sf, it is not "too" small. It has been totally redone, with all new surfaces and new kitchen and baths. There is a wraparound deck and best of all, it sits about 75 yards from the bluff overlooking the South Sound, with an unobstructed view of the shipping lanes.

I love the new khaki paint and the crisp white trim. The kitchen has copious cupboards and granite countertops. There is a really long bar dividing it from the dining area, which faces the water,and opens onto a big living room with a stacked rock fireplace. At one end of the kitchen is a computer closet with built-in desk that can be closed off, (for him) and a small office storage area (for me). There are three bedrooms and two baths.

The one drawback is the lack of closets--there are only three--and storage space. There is only a one-car garage. The big question right now is "Can we live with only three closets?" One option, offered by my husband, is that I can store my shoes in the kitchen--there are abundant cupboards--but a pantry filled with shoes does not complete my vision of a gourmet kitchen. The only option is a Big Garage Sale.

I am getting used to the idea of doing with less clothes. My pain will come with deciding what to jettison!! And then there is my stash of quilting fabrics and knitting yarn and the whole sewing room where they are stored. Lots of decisions to make between now and September 15....

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AH said...

Hmmmm...getting rid of clothes you say? Make sure I get first dibs! :) Also, let's be PRAYING for a quick, fast, home sale!